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No Bullies Allowed!

Promote Positive Culture with our No Bullies! Assembly


Bullying is a serious issue that affects all children. Our engaging 45-minute assembly can help reduce bullying and foster a positive school culture. Using audience interaction, magic, music, clean humor, and fun visual props, this program delivers key messages, including:

  • Kindness and Respect: Understanding the importance of treating others with kindness and respect.

  • Mutual Respect: Learning that respect is something you must give to receive.

  • Self-Worth: Recognizing that everyone is important, regardless of individual strengths and preferences.

  • Character and Judgment: Emphasizing the importance of good character and sound judgment.

  • Coping Techniques: Providing simple techniques to cope with and reduce bullying.

Transform your school environment and empower your students with our impactful anti-bullying assembly!

What Your Students Will Experience


The No Bullies Allowed! Program is designed for large groups, ensuring every student remains engaged and attentive even in a crowd of hundreds. The program uses clean humor, amazing magic, music, and audience participation to reinforce its lessons, ensuring students absorb every important idea.

Highlights of the Assembly

  • Diversity Magic: Several students with different colored gloves magically match, delivering a powerful message about diversity and belonging.

  • Mind-Reading Teacher: A teacher reads a student's mind in a fun and entertaining segment, emphasizing the importance of turning to teachers for help.

  • Signature Levitation: My signature levitation trick sends a message to keep your spirits up and not let anyone bring you down.


Make a lasting impact on your students and foster a positive school environment with our unforgettable assembly!

The program comes with support materials to use afterward. ​The assembly lasts about 45 minutes, can be performed indoors or out, and requires no setup by the school.


Schedule for your school for $500 for the first assembly, $250 for any additional same-day/site assembly.

  • Approved by San Diego City Schools 

  • Insured for California Congress of Parents, Teachers, and Students, Inc. (California State PTA)


"Thanks so much! All the kids had a great time! Hope to see your performance again sometime soon." Stephanie Renker, Site Supervisor, Washington Elementary

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